………this too, shall pass and we will look back someday and tell the lessons that COVID-19 period has thought us

This seemingly barren period will birth new intellectuals, millionaires, business owners, renewed commitment and family bonds amongst others. Wouldn’t it be better tapping in positively or continue to dwell on the dire situations around. I choose the former.

Haven stayed at home for 2 weeks now, I believe I am in a good position to share my 5 tips for enjoying the mandatory “stay at home” and look forward to the next day with glee. I hope you find it useful too!

 Engage your subconscious mind

Before I retire for the night, I prioritize: write out a to-do list for the next day. Finally, I make sure it is the last thing I do before I sleep.

Benefit: Whilst asleep, your subconscious mind is engaged on your priority setting Gods fire on your desires.

 Commune with God

I start my day with prayer, (personal & family), thanking and baring our hearts to God.

Guide: Only those who surrender and seek God each morning will be renewed and refreshed, (Isaiah 40:31).

Create a daily to-do list, and use it

Usually, I don’t have more than three serious to-do items in my daily list and I barge similar activities together.

 Noteworthy: Apportion time to each assignment and have a loose margin
(+ 30 mins) to mop up anticipated disruptions from family members.

 Time is money, don’t waste yours

To achieve any meaningful milestone (studying, researching, writing, working, readingetc) avoid peeking intermittently into social media. Rather, schedule a time during your less productive drive and binge.

Insight: Reduce distractions, and refrain from wasting your first fruit of labour

 Consistency, the key to Accomplishment

How can you possibly discern that you are attaining that milestone if you don’t take stock? Evaluate your process and give yourself an honest appraisal. Be grateful for taking this first step.
Be confident and determined, (Deuteronomy 31).

 Tip: Feedback is the food of champions, seek it, embrace it.

“by gradually tasting from the pot’s edge, it won’t take long before you realise you have finished licking a steaming pot of soup”
-Igbo proverb


Having an accountability officer will ensure you remain on track, even if you slip occasionally. When I resolved to try and resist food after 7 pm, I enlisted a family member ‘s help. She watches me like a hawk keeps siege over its prey, on sighting me near the kitchen past my target time. I would have pilled on more calories if not for this measure.

What is your experience so far, would you like to share in the comment box?