I love myself.
I love my family.
I love my friends.
I love my Guardian Angel.
I LOVE my God and my personal Chi rocks.

When I encounter people for the first time, I ask God to help me to love them.

  • While in some instances, not much is required from both ends to foster congeniality.
  • However, others are working progress…….,
  • But some I just cut the chase and run!!!.

Do you feel you know me a bit now? lol

Who am I?


nlike Arya Stark of Games of Throne, I AM SOMEONE and I mean different things to different people. To one I am Nwuye, to three I am Nne, to others, I am Ogochukwu, Ada, Sis, Big sis, Gertie, Olu Gertie, Adaobi, Gertrude, Nwadianni, Antie. To my one-time colleagues in Geoservices “Asa Geo”.  To my lovely father-in-law, “Adam Nwuyem oma!!!”, the list goes on.

I see and call myself “The Independent Mind” and I LOVE my God. Welcome to our blog!!!
Mine and yours.

…..be inspired
…..be evergreen
…..trust God above all and in all things, for only he can direct your path

From me to you

Although I can’t guarantee you would like or agree with every article you read on OluGertie.com. However, remember that I am a drop in a mighty ocean. “Ndi Igbo si na, anyukota mamiri onu o gbo ufufu”. Interpreted, collective minds is mightier than the sword. Let your voice be heard, change lives and remember to spread the news by sharing OluGertie.com.

Your participation is like a cloud of gold dust, what you know could change lives. Kindly use the comment box liberally but positively.

Anywhere you find “lol”, just know that I was laughing while writing and you should join too!! Don’t let the worries of the world weigh you down. Life is transient my late father always said. Even if your problem is as heavy as Olumo rock “overthink no go solve am oooh, abi?” lol?

From this maiden edition, I will share with you, regularly, the thoughts that God puts in my heart. Now, put on your seat belt and zoom with me.

Thank you, I also hope that, the time spent here is priceless!!!