arcinia kola, ‘Ugolo’ as it’s known by Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria is an effective traditional medicine chewable for nausea. An effective cure for indigestion, bloated stomach, hangover and primes your appetite for food amongst other uses.

The "Magic Nut" Garcinia kola (Ugolo)

  • Tropical and extremely useful nut
  • African nut, good for several ailments/conditions.
  • Rare and exotic fruit
  • Garcinia kola
  • It’s claimed to be good for diabetes and the reduction of blood sugar

A chance discovery

I discovered this nut by chance. Although I had easy and enjoyable pregnancies, however, I suffered from excessive secretion of saliva. I tried several remedies including sweets, gums, baked clay slates “atapele” until a friend recommended Ugolo. All I needed was to pop a little piece in my mouth. I didn’t even have to chew it. It worked like magic, normalcy returned to my mouth once again. No salivation all day, all night!!!!

Fresh or dry, the potency is same....

Most notable is how Ugolo stops indigestion and heartburns within minutes. Furthermore, It’s brilliant for the mouth. If you suffer from mouth odour, here is a cure. While it keeps the breath fresh likewise, teeth free of plagues.

However, it dries out quite quickly and becomes very hard and difficult to bite through. Don’t panic, I discovered a solution. I just pop it in a glass of water or my mouth to hydrate.
It still does its job superbly, nonetheless.

Origin and facts

Garcinia kola (Ugolo) is a species of flowering plant in the Clusiaceae or Guttiferae family. While it’s found in BeninCameroon, The Democratic Republic of the CongoIvory CoastGabonGhanaLiberiaNigeriaSenegal and Sierra Leone. Likewise, it’s natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

I feel this nut has a varied medicinal value yet undiscovered. I celebrate the humble “Ugolo”.

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