osing weight and gaining it back is a roller coaster ride that I can relate to, perhaps you do too. It takes discipline, sacrifice and strong will to lose and keep the bulge off. For weight loss to occur, calorie intake must be less than expended calorie. Eat everything you enjoy, but in moderation. Living shouldn’t be bland.

“If you want to lose weight, you need to get used to being hungry some part of the day”


1 Rewarding yourself: imagine losing only 300kj then go on to consume a donut and a cone of ice cream?


2Eating at every slight pang of hunger: drink water instead, refuse to think of food. Usually, I distract my mind by dwelling on how exhausting working out is.


3Avoid going to bed on a full stomach: I find going to bed slightly hungry always guarantees a flat stomach. The body keeps burning fat even when you are sleeping.


4Quick fix: first, you starve yourself, then you binge and put back all the weight and more. Use a smaller plate and avoid large portion.


5Read the labels: you would be amazed at the amount of hidden salt, sugar and oil in processed foods. Watch out for “fat-free” options, sugar replaces the fat usually.