While shopping, I take inspiration from different cooked foods on display. Consequently, I add my twist to create a satisfactory and authentic version.

When I watch cooking programs, I sometimes take one aspect and recreate it. I never repeat a recipe verbatim, I always make it my own.

As a result of living an active family life, balancing work and home need, becomes an absolute necessity. The desire to look forward to lunch hours inspired the foodie in me to create Food On The Go range.

I generally don’t enjoy shop-bought sandwiches/foods, however, if you do, still find time to try my recipies, lol.

3 reasons to craft your own "Food On The Go"

  • How fresh are shop bought meals?
  • Secondly, there is always hidden salt, sugar and oil, invariably hiking the cholesterol and calorie intake
  • Moreover, shop-bought food might not have the required nutritional values
  • So,in my opinion, they don’t offer value for money.

My alternative: Fab and easy to make

Most often, I make “Food On The Go” for lunch, picnic and laid back brunch. My family enjoys and finds them very tasty, filling and within budget. Time is of the essence, so I tend to go for fresh and quick to make options.

One of my favorite foods on the go is the posh grill. It wows in look and taste. Preparation and cooking time is between 10 to 15 mins.

Why not try it today?