There are lots, but just enjoy the Esteemed 8.............

Faith Matters

Term times is manic in my household. With kids rushing off to school and parents dashing off to job and commitments, everything is done in a minuscule fashion.

  • Pray together, be creative, bring fun and inclusion make the children have a say, make it participatory.
  • Usually, at the end of our devotion/bible study, the moderator gives “word of the day”.
  • We use the holiday to freshen the knowledge and practice of our faith; morning mass, seminars and talks

Holiday time is a great period to hone in on your faith and belief

You must do more than your best and this means action your word. Your dedication is what will draw them to God. When they see you do what you preach, half the job is done.


…Gods’ way is above our comprehension

Believe it or not, a certain “word of the day” from the lips of one of our children was like God giving me a message literally.

“Be positive and instill good values in your children with the hope they will bear good fruits. We hope they don’t, but even if they deflect, they will always find their way HOME, because you have laid a good foundation. Water the plant and allow God to facilitate it’s growth”

Gertrude Ogochukwu Onichabor



Sometimes spontaneity is the spice of life.

You don’t have to plan, to have a picnic.

  • If the weather is glorious and very inviting you can ditch the dining room for a spin and kick in the park.
  • Thereafter, polish it off with aromatic jollof rice and humble moi-moi, as we did last weekend.
  • Break the rule, picnic with any available food.
  • If “you let me” I will confidently eat my Ofe Onugbu and pounded yam in the park.


Go for it!!!!, be spontaneous take advantage of the weather, forget the finger food and boring nibbles go for wholesome filling meals.

“All work and no play makes you a dullard”

Be Active

I cleverly slotted in a netball game to get rid of the indulgences of the days past.

Who says mother doesn’t know best?

There is no need seeing good things of life and pass by. Moderation is always my slogan.

  • Nevertheless, it’s another avenue to bond, laugh and act equal, while learning the vital skill of keeping fit.
  • Cycling, Jogging together, swimming, the list is endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A family that cooks together sticks together.

I know that if I miss this opportunity to entice them with the benefits of home-cooked meals, then Kebab and pizza shops will be taking 1/3 of their salary. I can’t allow that to happen, especially if my Bentley dream is to materialize.



  • Cooking is practical and Simple tasks like peel the Maggi, smash the garlic, cook the bacon, wash the bitter leave, peel the beans are subtle ways to develop a relationship with food.
  • There is no guarantee the child will like it. However, parenting is not only about what the child likes or wants to do. It’s about guiding and equipping them for a life of self-reliance.
  • As there are many ways to kill a rat, I introduced the cooking academy. A flexible option for Uz, Du and Aw to create own menu and wow the family once a week.

Window shopping

Do you know why this is useful?

  • It helps you to know where to get stuff when in need.

The girls and I just enjoy moving in and out of beautiful shops. Bathing and savouring the euphoria of waddling through chic and fabulously exotic clothing and fashion accessories.

  • Window shopping could turn to a purchase, who knows?

Spontaneity is the word, remember?

Study, grab fun skills

YES, the schools are on holiday, but what a better time to hone the topics of the term past?

Aside from academic revisions, we enjoyed Today at Apple.

Free incredible workshops and hands-on learning sessions for all ages. Ideally for Apple product users, but knowledge can be cross-platform.


Who doesn’t like a good laugh and a box of popcorn? Need I say more?

Do nothing

Exactly, Just be idle, wake up, eat and just chill, chat and banter

This rare opportunity is usually unplanned and a few in-between

  • I find that unplanned conversation enables honest, laid back and real personality to shine through.
  • These are moments when you’re asked sensitive questions that could test your values and resolute.
  • In these moments, I see my kids in a different light.

Doing nothing is my favourite item on the list. Waking up and not be under pressure to accomplish anything but just be grateful to be a mom.