ver the years, I pondered on how I could preserve and retain some of my life hacks for my family. Like it or not, there are inherent pearls of native wisdom that is only available through experience.

  • First of all, my values, culture and my thrifty nature.
  • Also, I had been told on several occasions that I have answers to most questions.
  • Thirdly, my one-time Manager once told me that I am a problem solver.
  • Furthermore, most think I’m a foodie and should share my culinary skills.
  • Finally, family and close friends are willing to seek my advice on personal matters, as they seem to get reassurance thereafter.

Good enough reasons, you could say

However, many can identify with the above list and might even have a longer one. Although, some said I have a way with words, I would never have taken this step if not for my personal chiBeing outspoken is different from baring your heart on a global scale for public consumption.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life’s gift: share or covert?

The blogger in me was born in December 08th, 2017. On this fateful day, I had an encounter which was propelled by my personal Chi. 

Consequently, the ensuring left a strong conviction within me.

Certainly, I had to move to a wider stage to serve the purpose of my existence.

First, I belong to several WhatsApp groups, but this group is “The one”. This is so because the membership is open to only a unique set of a graduating class. This group is fun, brash and motivational.

However, something happened when I challenged an indecent (by my standards) post from a member. The resulting outbursts created an invisible barrier with a sad realization that I had lost my spontaneity. This made my heart sink and I soon realised I couldn’t bare my mind without biting my tongue.

To be honest, I don’t know the direction this journey is taking me. However, I’m confident that The Master Planner is able to chart the course.

“…willingly avail yourself or the gentle voice within will turn to a roar!!!”

―Gertie Ogochukwu Onichabor

Let me tell you a bit about my personal Chi.


Through my life journey, I have learnt to expect two scenarios.
This is usually whenever I am due to take a disparate turn in my career or lifestyle.


  • It’s either it’s done smoothly with me willingly taking the cue.
  • Or my Chi creates a scene and drags me off to my next destination if it had to.

The set mission must be accomplished.
From experience, I have learnt that total submission is the better option.

I 'm not comparing myself to the Biblical Jonah, but sometimes that’s how it plays out!!!!!!!

Remember the story of  Jonah and the whale…..

Jonah 1


My disposition to the Divine Being determines the extremities of the pre-deployment. Subsequently, I consumed all blog inspiring materials I could lay my hands on. In this business information is penultimate.   

Time is of the essence

In reality, as we know, most things don’t always go as planned. After this nudge in 2017, I mustered courage and wrote 6 articles. However, the intention to start this epic journey was pushed to the background by life, study, career, family and others.

Meanwhile, my personal Chi had not forgotten the divine mission. Once again, a remarkable incident on April, 12th 2019 was the last straw that broke the camels’ back. Finally, I knew I had to start the Blog, as I am not prepared for a second reminder.

My personal Chi has been the reason why……

In this blogging journey, my why is clear……

……….what sacrifices did you have to make in pursuit of your WHY?