Boom!!!, it’s no longer a secret because you are reading it now!. However, it is now your secret until you share with another, “chuckles”. The world right now has enough conspiracy theory like COVID-19 vs 5G network so please help make this article the best kept open secret, “chuckles again”.

It’s not farfetched that Coronavirus global pandemic episode is forcing humans to re-prioritise and re-evaluate their lives.

I am a victim too!!!

Sometimes I’m curious about what goes on in my readers mind on sighting my blog titles.  Just before you clicked and the content spills out to satiate your appetite, were you expecting some dos and dont’s to sound sleep whilst in isolation? Sorry to disappoint you, but you are in for a better treat.

In this post, I want to share with you my three simple yet powerful nightly routine “HWH“. There’s been a definite spring in my step ever since I started putting them into practice and it could change your life too!!! “winks”.

First, I don’t keep a written journal or diary of what went well or not each day, I find it cumbersome.
Secondly, I strongly believe in “simple is more, less is uncomplicated”. Nonetheless, I have a mental recap of just three things before I retire for the night.

  1. How have I added value to someone's life today?
  2. What have I learnt today?
  3. How have I moved closer to my vision or purpose today?

Recent read on an article suggests that nightly routine helps you relax, fall asleep more easily and be better prepared for the next day.

Benefits of my nightly routine

  1. Since I started practising this ritual, I noticed that my mental and recollective ability has doubled. I remember things distinctly and throughout the day, I am driven subconsciously by how to achieve the three “HWH”. Hence, I have less space in my cranium to entertain complacency.
  2. I find it easier to give of myself because each day I want to outdo the previous.
  3. Accountability and contentment: I am joyous and celebrate little wins more. I never dwell on what I couldn’t achieve on any given day because disruption is part of a genuine lifestyle.

Should you give the nightly routine a trial on my recommendation?
Probably not, why should you?
On the other hand, what would you lose if you did?