Do you know that whatever we allow to fester in our minds manifest for real? Have you heard this phrase before? “If you will it, you win it?”
The mind is an entity and can take control of the situation with or without your consent.

Have you realized how difficult it is to replace undesirable thoughts with kindlier ones?

give it a trial now!!!! Match each dark cloud to your preferred glorious sunshine number!

dark cloud

  1. I am rubbish at …….
  2. I have tried & failed many times, I give up …….
  3. I can never master ……..
  4. I can never meet someone, that good…..
  5. This job is so hard I can’t do it……..
  6. A whole me, no job, my future is hopeless…….
  7. I’ so stupid/I’m a fool…..
  8. I wasn’t good enough….
  9. I’m a loser/I have failed….

glorious sunshine

  1. I know I am not there yet, but I am a working progress
  2. I will give it all I have, you can only do your best
  3. I’m human, I have made mistakes, but God has the final say
  4. Rome was not built in a day
  5. It’s well with me its always darkest before dawn
  6. The hinges of another door is easing off slowly as the existing is being shut
  7. The end justifies the means, be patient wait upon the Lord
  8. The best is yet to happen to me
  9. This too shall pass


I only listed 9 points….

…yes!!!, indeed.

Aside from odd being my favorite numbering, my knowledge is just a drop in the ocean. This list must grow and I’m excited in anticipation of adding yours.

Let the comments flow……..