Appetites are more heightened than ever in this lockdown period, so it’s necessary to whip up tasty meals in record time.
This is a dig from my childhood memory. I never made this recipe for my nuclear family, but what better time to get creative than now!!!.

Recipe from my Igbo heritage: Down the memory lane

Coming from an Igbo family, we ate lots of vegetables and this recipe was stable in my childhood. Ogiri is a fermented locust bean mainly popular amongst the Igbos. Ukpaka is my prefered choice to ogiri, but currently, the available is desirable, “laughs”. The recipe requires a distinct flavour to lift the sauce. Maggi can’t do the magic, you just need a fermented substitute.

Iru is a good substitute if you don’t fancy ogiri.


Hot Tip

  • Suitable for weight watchers and diabetic (Use only unripe plantain).
  • Serve sauce with any root vegetable of choice (yam, cocoyam, plantain and potatoe).
  • Ukpaka is a delicious substitute for ogiri, you just stir it in at the end and warm for 3 minutes.

steamed green and unripe plantain