You might think that names don’t matter, “The Name” follows us in more ways than one. I will start with my middle name Ogochukwu “God’s favour”. What a marvelous meaningful name you might say, but I didn’t like it in my younger years. I didn’t think it sounded feminine like Chinyere, Chioma, Nkechi, Adora, etc. Thankfully, most people shortened it to “Ogoo” which reduced my wincing at the sound.

Are you getting my drift?

I have heard some restrictive and weird names parents give their children, but it will be rude for me to put them here. Some are jaw-breaking, you wonder how the child will introduce himself/herself to strangers or even fill out a form. The truth is, people could be stigmatized and bullied for their names. The choice of a name should not be taken lightly.

....... back to my story

Then something changed.  As I journeyed through life, I became aware of the “weight” of my name. I usually narrowly escape problematic situations. Whenever I’m at a crossroad or my lowest ebb, help is usually not far, sometimes from unsolicited quarters.

Doors open unexpectedly, and usually wider than the closing ones. Awesome God!!!!

My life’s journey hasn’t been smooth or without a crease. However, at each stage, I had felt the hand of God in a way only HE can.

I love my God and I now love my name.

In Gratitude

Forthwith, I know that my name has followed me and without a doubt, I know am favored of the Lord.  Each time I think of my name I remember my paternal Grand mother, Late Esther Okafor Nwibe “Agbara Nwanyi”. I bless her, for SHE named me Ogochukwu, “The Name” that has followed me.


I believe a name is more than an Identity, it has other connotations. Your name is like a constant “proclamation” on you by numerous tongue.

…..What relationship do you have with your name? We would like to know