I can remember vividly how my Geo career launched few months before the end of National Youth Services.

The prejudice that made ME: It started with Geoservices, PortHarcout



ankole, my dear friend and Geo buddy had told me that Geoservices was hiring.  He advised I should go try my luck.

That would be my second job application, but no pressure I was still a Youth Copper with NNPC Refinery.

I applied for the job and later met the hiring Manager.  A French man, well known for his critic of Nigeria bred graduates. I didn’t know this at the time. There was also a deep disrespect for professional women.  The Expatriates assumed all transitioned into the company from Chi-Chi.

He was not afraid to tell me they had never hired a female Mud logger nor had the intention of starting with me. Clearly, he didn’t want to interview me. However, curiosity got the best of him. Perhaps, he wanted to just amuse himself and play God with his role.

First of all, as an undergraduate, proudly FUTA; I was the lone Geo babe in my set. Hence, I am used to being an exception to the rule. Moreover, I know my gender wouldn’t hinder me. As a result I started visualising myself on the rig floor collecting cuttings………

Albeit, he was content to let me take the written and verbal interviews, he didn’t expect me to get to the third and final stage. But I did!!!


onsequently, I ended up being the first “girl Mudlogger”, Geoservices Nigeria. Also, the first to go to a rig; (land, Semi-Submersible, deep offshore). Furthermore, the first on a deep offshore rig across Geoservices West Africa. Besides, I was featured in Geo World as The spotlight out of Africa. Subsequently, I worked there for 12 years, serving as a female pioneer in three job roles. Finally, my career in Geoservices culminated at an Acting Mudlogging Manager role.

“Both negative and positive life experience starts from the mind, only you can limit YOU”

Gertie Ogochukwu Onichabor

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